Rent - A - Domestic
Established 2006
All Major Cities Including: Pretoria -                                                                                                           Johannesburg - Durban - Port Elizabeth - Cape Town
Terms and Conditions
1. Commencement Employment will begin and continue as and when   assignments become available.

2. Place of work will vary with assignments

3. Job description Job Title   DOMESTIC WORKER. Duties: See attached job description

4. Hours of work

4.1 Normal working hours will be from 8h30am - 15h30pm

4.2 Meal intervals will be for at least ½ hour on a full day job.

4.3 On a half day job you will work till 13h00 and then you are finished for the day.

4.4Overtime will only be worked as agreed from time to time and will be paid at the rate of one and a half times of the daily wage for that specific client.

5. Wage

5.1 The  employee’s wage shall be paid into her bank account on the last working day of every month and shall be calculated as per part-time jobs done. R150 per day.


The following deductions are agreed upon:

UIF……………………………….1 %

5.3 The employer shall review the   employee’s salary on or before the 1st March every year.

6. Termination of employment

  6.1 Either party can terminate this agreement with at least 24 hours notice in the 1st 4 weeks OF     employment and  2 weeks notice after 4 weeks of employment. If any foul play or theft or any criminal deed has been detected the   contract will immediately expire. If no notice is given by the employee the employee will forfeit 2 weeks wages owing to the employee by the Employer.

7.Sunday work

7. 1 Any work on Sundays will be by agreement between Rent-A-Domestic, the  domestic worker and the Client.

8. Public Holidays

8.1 Any work on holidays will be by agreement between Rent-A-Domestic, the  domestic worker and the Client.

9. Annual Leave

9.1 The employee is entitled to three weeks paid leave after every 12 months of continuous service. Such leave is to be taken at times convenient to the employer and the employer may require the employee to take his/her leave at such times as coincide with that of the employer. Employee's working in the coastal areas  will only  be allowed to take  unpaid leave over the December Holiday's.

10. Sick leave

10.1 During every sick leave cycle of 36 months the employee will be entitled to an amount of paid sick leave equal to the number of days the   employee would normally work during a period of six weeks.

10.2 During the first six months of employment the   employee will entitled to one day’s paid sick leave for every 26 days worked.

10.3 The   employee is to notify the employer as soon as possible in case of his/her absence from work through illness.

10.4 A medical certificate may be required if absent for more than 2 consecutive days or has been absent on more than two occasions during an eight-week period.

11. Maternity leave

11.1 The employee will be entitled to 4 months maternity leave without pay □

12. Family responsibility leave

12.1The employee will be entitled to five days family responsibility leave during each leave cycle if he or she works on at least four days a week.

13. Other conditions of employment or benefits

13.1 Rent-A-Domestic cannot be held responsible for employment as employment is based on client request and specifications.

13.2 All fees are payable to Rent-A-Domestic and not to domestics.

13.3 Domestics will be paid on a monthly basis on the last day of each month.

13.4 Standard working hours apply, ie 8 hrs total inclusive of 30 min. lunchtime.

13.5 Domestics are not to work for client in private capacity only under Rent-A-Domestic.

13.6 Domestic cannot work for client in private capacity within a period of 6 months of leaving Rent-A- Domestic.

13.7 Domestic cannot be referred to others in private capacity, only under Rent-A-Domestic.

13.8 Domestic cannot be asked to work extra time on weekends, or overtime in private capacity only under Rent-A-Domestic.

13.9 All time sheets must be signed by the client otherwise no payment will be made for that day.

13.10 The payment received on the end of the month includes taxi monies.

13.11 The Domestic is not allowed to borrow money from clients

13.12 If domestic has been absent from work due to illness a sick note from doctor/Clinic is compulsory.

13.13 If domestic is going to be absent Rent-A-Domestic must be notified so alternative arrangements can be made.

13.14 Theft of any kind will lead to immediate termination of employment.

13.15 Any breakages must immediately be reported to client.

13.16- A Placement fee of R1000 becomes payable immediately should a domestic make here self guilty of fraudulent conduct.(See piont 13.5 & 13.6)

14. General

14.1 Any changes to the written particulars will only be valid if agreed to by both parties

By typing my name and ticking the check box below I acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions above and and fully understand them I also give my consent to Rent-A-Domestic to conduct a criminal and credit  inquiry on my name if required.